Here’s a serious advice. Even the nicest people have their limits. Don’t try to reach that point because the nicest people are also the scariest assholes when they’ve had enough.

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Your eyes connect with his. You tried to look away. It wasn’t happening. Your eyes go glassy. Almost too in shock, you remembered your crying daughter was sitting on your knee.

“Mommy,” she sniffs, “Mommy, I fell and I cut my knee and it really hurts.” 

You finally look down at her and see tears streaming down her face, matching the ones rapidly building up in your eyes, threatening to spill over at any moment. 

“Hey baby, let me see it.”

Your tears well over, accidentally of course. Y/D/N looks up. 

“Mommy, why are you crying? It doesn’t hurt too bad. I’ll be okay.” 

You see a knee covered in blood. You look on the table to see if you have a napkin left over from your snack, to clean the cuts up with. 

Without warning, an inked covered hand is pressing a wet towel onto Y/D/N’s knee.

A warm voice, smooth like honey, chirps in. 

“Hey there cutie, what happened that you’re crying so much?”

More sniffles, but the crying it slowing down. Y/D/N explains how her, Tay and Cass decided to go see All Time Low play some of their set, and Y/D/N was racing them there. On the way to the stage, she slipped and scrapped her knee. You look over to where Alex is and an anxious Tay is standing next to him. “I’m so sorry”, she mouths over to you.

You look over at your biggest regret talk to his daughter that he doesn’t know about and listen to animatedly. 

“What’s your name?” Y/D/N finally inquires. 

He grins a toothy grin that brings a crinkle to his eyes. 

“I’m Austin, one of you mommy’s friends, and you, malady?”

“I’m Y/D/N.”

“I’ve always loved that name. How about Alex and Tay take you to go find a bandaid and they’ll get you some ice cream? I need to help your mommy now.”

A twinkle flares in Y/D/N at the sound of the words ice cream.

Austin beckons Alex and Tay over. Before she leaves, you give her a kiss goodbye, and Alex picks up Y/D/N. They leave the tent.

His face deadpans. And he looks into your eyes. 

“We need to talk. Come outside with me.” His voice is emotionless and your heart starts to pound in your chest faster. 

You trail behind his massive form and walk into the bus area. 

“I can explain…” You try to find the words to say. 

In a voice dripping with sarcasm and malice, he responds, “Oh really? Please elaborate. It’s been five years, Y/N, FIVE fucking YEARS. Not a word, not a call, not even an email. Jesus Christ, you crushed my heart into a million pieces and left. I would love to hear an explanation. We’re you just fucking some other guy on the said, was I not good enough for your tastes?” 

Tears are freely flowing down your cheeks. Anger surges in your chest. You screech at him,

“Yeah, I left. I was doing what was best for you, Austin! You’re really going to accuse me of cheating?Believe me, I never fucking cheated on you. I loved you more than anything.”

You’re beyond outraged. 

“THEN WHY DID YOU LEAVE?” He’s cornered you. Your back is resting on a bus and his arms are opposite to the sides of your head. You’re still crying and you can see his eyes becoming red around the edges from holding tears in. 

You look down to the ground, unable to maintain eye contact. He grasps your chin between his index finger and thumb, and lifts it up. He stairs into your crystal blue eyes, searching for your answers to five-year old questions. Now or never. 

Struggling through tears and emotion, you give him what he wants. “I knew for two weeks. You were about to go on tour. The band was getting big. I couldn’t hold you back. It would have burdened you. You deserved to live your life to the fullest.…” 

You trail off, thinking of how you’re going to phrase the next part with minimal damage. So you pull out your phone, unlock it, and start scrolling through your photos. Confusion is apparent on Austin’s face. 

You find what you’re looking for and place your phone into his long fingered grasp. 

He studies the photo. His eyes flutter from the screen to yours multiple times. He inhales. 

“Oh my god.” was all he could say. His tears were rapidly falling, almost matching yours.

The photo he was looking at was of a sonogram, taken at your doctor’s office three days after you read the little plus sign on the test. The date was on it. You and Austin were still together at the time.

You can’t hold in your sobs in anymore, and you slowly start to slide down the side of the bus. You hold you head in your hands, breathing becomes difficult. 

Word vomit comes out. 

“She’s super smart, and looks like a perfect mix of you and me. She loves Disney more than anything, and she’s loving and generous and just like you.” 

Austin crouches down to your height and wraps his long arms around your shaking body. He tries his best to comfort you. 

“And I’m sorry I kept you from her. I thought it was for the best. You didn’t deserve to be left out of Y/D/N’s life.”

“Shhhhh… Please stop crying. I can’t stand seeing you upset. Five years and I couldn’t look at or love another woman the way I did with you.” A smile forms on his lips at the end.

“She just seemed so happy with you.” You lookup at him. His grasps your face and wipes your tears away with his thumbs. 

“I lost five years, I can’t lose anymore.” And he closes the distance between your faces and attaches his lips to yours. You missed the way they fit perfectly to yours. The passion and love in the kiss was one out of the romance books you loved to read. 

He breaks the reunion, “I want to come home.” 

“Fine with me.”

I’m almost done! The One Where You Have a Secret Part 2 should be up soon.

A/N: I don’t feel like doing homework. I’m probably going to do a part two, maybe. Also, Y/D/N = your daughter’s name. Don’t want anyone getting confused. Enjoy!

Warped Tour was here. Today was the day. You crept into Y/D/N’s room and pounced on her bed. 

“Baby, wake up. Today we get to see Alex, and Jack, and Rian, and Zack and all of yours and mommy’s friends.” 

Her eyes bugged open and she lept out of bed. 

“Mommy! Let’s go! What are we waiting for?!”

She ran to her closet for a suitable outfit. For a five year old, the girl was quite stylish. You giggled to yourself as she picked out a Batman t-shirt and red denim shorts. She also picked out a pair of black on black high top converse and even tied them all by herself. 

As she was brushing her teeth and going potty, you yourself got dressed. You decided on an aztec cut out tank top and some black denim shorts, although you went with Vans. While brushing your teeth, you couldn’t help but worry. 

Two years ago, Of Mice & Men played Warped and you didn’t have the unfortunate chance of running into them. You still kept in touch with Alan and Tino every once in a while. They knew about Y/D/N, but they thought she was the product of a drunkin’ one-night-stand on your part. Better than them knowing the truth. 

Since you were still with Austin when Of Mice & Men started out, you were able to meet and befriend All Time Low. Alex was like a brother to you, and him and his girlfriend Tay always made an effort to visit. 

You just hoped you wouldn’t have to see Austin. The last time you saw him was when you broke up with him, two weeks after you found out you were pregnant. Of Mice & Men were just starting to get big, and you didn’t want to burden him with a child. So you left. He never forgave you. 

You and Y/D/N got into the car and headed off to the Merriweather Post Pavillion, not too far of a drive from you Baltimore suburb house. 

“Mommy, can you put on Aunt Tay’s band?”

“Sure thing sweetie.”

You put on Weird Kids and sang along the whole way there. 

After arriving at the venue and parking, you called Alex on the phone and asked him to meet you with passes.

Two minuted later, two tall, skinny men came up to you. 

“ALEX! JACK!” Y/D/N screamed out from beside you.

Alex ran up and scooped her into his arms. 

“What’s up sugarplum? You’ve gotten taller. Soon, you’ll be taller than me!” She giggled as he started to tickle her sides. 

Jack scooted next to you. 

“Hey Y/N, long time no see.” He envelops you in a bone crushing hug. 

“I’ve missed you Jacky. You need to come over more. I’ll make you food and you and Y/D/N can watch Home Alone together.” You murmur into his shoulder. 

Laugher reverberates through his chest. “Now that, is what I call an awesome sounding night. As soon as we’re back from tour, we’ll al come over your house for a party. Sound good?”

“Absolutely perfect.”

You both let go of each other and Y/D/N is on top of Alex’s shoulders.

“Ready for a magical day full of unicorns, hot dogs, and tattoos?” Alex inquires in an overly enthusiastic voice.

“Yeah!” Shouts Y/D/N.

Y/D/N never really questioned why she didn’t have a daddy like the other kids. She just assumed that the members of All Time Low were like her daddys. 

She would always say, “I have a bunch of daddys, and they love me just as much as your one daddy does.” 

Man, how did you end up with such an amazing kid…

She really did remind you of Austin. A dead ringer actually. She has deep chocolate hair, contrasting to your bright blonde. And some freckles, littering her nose. Although she took after you in the eye department. Bright crystal blue. They were shockingly bright, just like yours. When you gave birth, you were happy to hear that she didn’t have Marfan’s. Her tests were clear. 

You, Alex, Jack and Y/D/N were walking off to the bus area. On All Time Low’s bus, Zack, Rian, Cass, and Tay were there waiting. Y/D/N practically decapitated Alex trying to get off of his shoulders quick enough. You love seeing that smile take over her face. 

After a while of playing and catching up with everyone, they boys had to leave for their set. It was just you, Cass, Tay and Y/D/N left on the bus. 

Y/D/N was in the bathroom when Cass spoke up. 

“So Y/N, you know Austin is here today, right?”

You sigh. “Of course I do. I’m praying I don’t run into him. He still hasn’t forgiven me after all these years. How would I even explain to him about Y/D/N?”

“True, but you never know, maybe after these years he’s finally let go of all his anger. Maybe the two of you could sit down and talk.” Tay chimed in.

“I just don’t think any of us are ready.” And with that, Y/D/N runs out of the bathroom. 

Later in the day, 

Tay and Cass said they wanted to catchup with Y/D/N for a bit. Spoil her with some movies and food. So here you are, making your way from stage to stage, hearing all of the bands play. Of Mice & Men were closing the show tonight, so you didn’t have to worry about seeing them on stage. You decided to go to the food area to get something to eat. 

You see a sweaty after show Alex walk into the tented area, but he wan’t alone. 

Behind him was the one person you’ve solely spent five years avoiding. He hadn’t changed, yet he was a completely different person. Tattoos littered his arms, his hair was shorter, a little spiked, and god forbid, did he get taller? You looked straight down at the table and hoped he didn’t notice your presence. 

A sudden loud shout of “mommy!” accompanied by crying little girl in a Batman tshirt, came running into the tent and then crashing into your arms. However this made almost all eyes turn to you, including those chocolate ones that you could spend hours starring into.